We’re thrilled with all the new connections and conversations we had at Nordbygg in Stockholm! Thanks to everyone who visited our booth. We look forward to future collaborations with our new friends!

Airfi is a Finnish forerunner in the air handling industry, with expertise in in-house technical product development and AI-based technology. Our operations are founded on innovation, operational reliability tested in the extreme conditions of the Nordic climate, and ease of installation.

Airfi was founded in Raisio, Finland 2018 and has quickly become a forerunner in the ventilation industry. Our in-house team of experts handles both product development and software creation. We are proud of our self-learning frostprotection system (AFPS™), which highlights our emphasis on tecnical progress.

Intelligent ventilation systems which utilize artificial intelligence and function optimally everywhere.

Tested in the harshest of conditions of the nordic climate – The units work in every conditions.

Easy to install – Installation is designed to be quick and easy.

Reliability – Our units are built to last and every part is easy to replace.

AI-controlled air handling units with AFPS

At the core of our operations is our patented AFPS anti-frost technology that utilizes artificial intelligence. AFPS maximizes energy efficiency, protects the unit, and ensures a consistent and comfortable airflow even in harsh winter conditions. With Airfi, preheating is unnecessary, which saves energy every day.

We have developed a machine learning-based technology that adapts to the unique conditions of each installation and always ensures the most optimal operation and excellent energy efficiency – even in extreme Nordic conditions.

At the fair, we will be presenting three different models: Model 100, Model 150 and Model 350.

Now even longer warranty: 2 + 4 years

We believe that products should be made to last, and we are committed to designing and manufacturing products that are durable, repairable, and recyclable.

Exhaust hoods – Proven to be the most efficient fume removal on the market

Our exhaust hood selection covers classic and design models for almost all needs. The development of the hoods has focused on efficient fume removal as well as ease and speed of installation. At the fair, we will be presenting the models popular in Finland: Suvi control hood and Ida central hood.


Suvi control hood

  • Pull-out control hood integrated in a cabinet.
  • Designed to control not only the smoke removal system, but also the individual air handling unit or the roof ventilator.
  • Suitable for controlling air handling units of many brands

Ida central hood

  • Freely positionable wall model
  • Capacitive switches integrated in the front panel
  • Designed for centralised air handling systems
  • Designed to make control and measurement easy and effortless.

Airfi has a solution for every need

Why choose Airfi?

Easy to sell – Simplified model lineup

  • Clear product lineup
  • Almost everything standard
  • Just choose Left or Right handed unit

Easy to install – Setup

  • Ceiling mounting bracket in just twho versions (160/160, 160/125)
  • Quick installation
  • Easy setup via Mille Wire controller or the integrated potentiometer / 7-segment display

Easy to service – Made to last long

  • 100% tested in production
  • If service is needed, any part is easy to replace
  • Software updates available over the air and via USB
air handling unit click ceiling bracket

The installer’s choice: Why Airfi air handling units save you time and effort

Airfi – For small and large projects

You can always turn to our sales team to help you plan your projects. We are a flexible company with in-house product development and programming based in Raisio, Finland. Our product range offers technical solutions for even the most demanding projects.


Sepänkatu, Turku

Apartment house.
Ventilation units + cooker hoods

Tyyssija, Turku

Apartment house.
Ventilation units + cooker hoods

Kaarinan Alvar, Kaarina

Row house
Ventilation units + cooker hoods

Sustainable actions for the environment

Beyond environmental protection. 

Our vision extends beyond safeguarding the environment. We prioritize initiatives that contribute to long-term sustainability, including community investments and fostering a diverse workforce.

Long-term development. 

As a relatively young company we embrace the opportunity to integrate sustainability into our core operations from the beginning, ensuring a
future-proof and environmentally conscious foundation.

Partnering for sustainability. 

We collaborate with suppliers, logistics companies, and other partners
to reduce environmental impact and promote social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

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