Model 150

Next generation ventilation units

Our ventilation units is a key component in having a pure and healthy indoor air. New Airfi ventilation units are designed for the harsh, demanding nordic climate. We have for example ensured that condensation gets out of the machine as fast as possible, this way we achieve better performance during cold-weather periods.

With the AFPS technology we achieve a A+ thermal efficiency in our Model 60, 100 & 150 ventilation units.


Reacts to changes in temperature.

Smart product

Humidity sensor as standard.

Error reporting

Summer to notify of errors

Stable temperature

Silent and imperceptible during use.

Solid build quality

Long-lived product made in metal.

Condensation flow

The tilted bottom allows condensation to flow away easily.


Painted frame.


Model 150 (L) Electric101500217916046White
Model 150 (R) Electric101500117916045White


60800434B-vesilukko-asennusohje-2.pdf Airfi-laskentaohjelma_v4.6.xlsx 60800281B-model-150-säätökaavio.dwg 60800377Q-model60-100-150-ohje.pdf Mallin-käyttöohje-pdf.pdf MODEL-150-sis.piirteet.dwg 60800224-Mittakuva-Airfi-Model150-dwg.dwg 60800224-Mittakuva-Airfi-Model150-pdf.pdf 60800516B-model-150-sähkökaavio-sisäinen.pdf Airfi-Modbus-rekisterikartta-suppea-v1.50.pdf 60800063-RevO-Model60-100-150-sahkokaavio-ulkoinen.pdf
More than pure air