Air circulationfor demanding, nordic conditions

Air handling units

Airfi air handling units provide fresh and healthy indoor air. Airfi’s new air handling units are designed for demanding, Nordic conditions.

The removal of condensation from the bottom of Airfi air handling units is improved, making for better performance and energy efficiency during cold periods.

Model 60

Model 100

Model 130

Model 150

Model 250

Model 350

Airfi Model 60, Model 100 and Model 130 can also be installed inside a cabinet, thanks to their width of only 558 mm.

Option table

Technical specificationsModel 60Model 100Model 130Model 150Model 250 Model 350
Dimensions (width x height x depth)558 x 450 x 558558 x 490 x 558558 x 490 x 558700 x 850 x 645998 x 1475 x 650998 x 1475 x 650
Weight44 kg46 kg46 kg77 kg175 kg175 kg
Duct outlets4 x 160, 1 x 1254 x 160, 1 x 1254 x 160, 1 x 1254 x 2004x 2504 x 250
Kitchen bypass/default/default/default
Condensate fittingCentre, 66 mm from rear edgeCentre, 66 mm from rear edgeCentre, 66 mm from rear edgeCentre, 110 mm from rear edgeFrom the front edge 128 mmFrom the front edge 128 mm
Condensate water trayTilted condensation water trayTilted condensation water trayTilted condensation water trayTilted condensation water trayTilted condensation water trayTilted condensation water tray
Max. extract air flow rate (100 Pa)107 dm3/s107 dm3/s142 dm3/s180 dm3/sElectric 265 dm /s Water 265 dm3/sElectric 368 dm3/s Water 368 dm3/s
Max. supply air flow rate (100 Pa)99 dm3/s95 dm3/s125 dm3/s159 dm3/sElectric 248 dm3/s Water 243 dm3/sElectric 349 dm3/s Water 345 dm3/s
Specific energy consumption (SEC) in a cold climateA+A+A+A+A+A+
Specific energy consumption (SEC) in an average climateAAAAAA
Extract air heat recovery annual efficiency classA+/A (kitchen bypass in use)A+/A (kitchen bypass in use)A+/A (kitchen bypass in use)A+A+A+
Air handling unit’s specific electrical power class at rated air flowAAAAAA
Electricity230V,50Hz,10A, max.1165W: Plug230V,50Hz,10A, max.1165W: plug230V, 50Hz, 10A, max. 1255W: Plug230V,50Hz,16A, max. 2200W: PlugElectric 230 V 16 A, max. 3500 W Water 230 V 10 A, max. 1100 WElectric 400 V 3x16A, max. 8250 W Water 230 V 10 A, max. 1100 W
Summer / winter function
Automatic, adjustable/default/default/default/default/default/default
Defrosting automation
Continuous supply air (AFPS)/default/default/default/default
block defrosting
block defrosting
Post heater
920 W (electric)920 W (electric)920 W (electric)2 x 920 W (electric)2380 W (electric) / water3 x 2380 W (electric) / water
Ceiling mount bracket/extra/extra/extra
Wall mount bracket/extra/extra/extra/extra
Vapour barrier filler plate/extra/extra/extra/extra
Humidity transmitter (internal)/default/default/default/default/extra/extra
Humidity transmitter/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Carbon-dioxide transmitter/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Cooling radiators/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Filter guard/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Constant pressure control/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Spring return damper/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Airfi KNX adapter/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra/extra
Control hoods/default/default/default/default/default/default
Airfi App/default/default/default/default/default/default
VAK, DDC, 10VDC, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet, Transmitter controls/default/default/default/default/default/default
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