I am, like many others, concerned about the environment and have always done my best to protect it. Lately, I have realised that by far the best thing I can do is to sell as many of our energy-efficient units as possible.”

-Izabella Lundberg, CEO, Airfi

The environment

Protecting the environment is at the core of everything we do: from the beginning, we have wanted to build the most energy efficient units on the market. Saving energy in the building sector can have a massive impact on CO2 levels, and our core aim is to help companies and governments to reach their CO2 reduction targets.

To meet the EU’s climate objectives, the building sector will need to achieve 60% greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2030 and fully decarbonise by 2050. As a small company we can only do so much, but we strive to be the forerunners of this change in our industry and play our part in the fight against climate change. We hope our competitors join us in this race – since in this race there are only winners.

We look after the environment in other ways, too. Whenever possible, we use materials that are fully recyclable. Our partners have also been selected to minimise our carbon footprint, which means that the domestic content of our products has remained very high.

We use as little plastic as possible at our office. The copying paper we use has a FSC® certificate. Our office space is comfortable, even though we have made the most of old, used items in our interior design. Did you know that Airfi products have been awarded the Key Flag symbol? The symbol indicates that the product is manufactured and creates employment in Finland. We are a socially responsible company and our operations create new jobs in Finland.

We are also constantly looking for additional ways to take care of our planet. That is why we also support Taimiteko, a project of 4H Finland, which aims to plant as many seedlings as possible. So far, we have planted enough seedlings to offset 94 tonnes of CO2 emissions. You can find out more about Taimiteko here:

The community

In addition to looking after the planet, we believe it is important to also look after the local community. That is why we are proud sponsors of InterAction, an initiative by a local football team, FC Inter Turku. The aim of the initiative is to support juniors and their families, and make sure everyone in the community has an access to the sport through financial support as well as bring families together in a meaningful way.

Not all of our initiatives are carefully planned. When there is a crisis in the local community or on the other side of Europe, our first instinct has always been to help out. It is part of our culture – or really, we believe it is a part of being a human.

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