Airfi is driven by a passion for designing and manufacturing the most energy-efficient ventilation units on the market. Our strong commitment to sustainability and innovation is evident in every aspect of our operations. Airfi is dedicated to responsible business practices. We prioritise the well-being of our employees, encourage a welcoming and supportive work environment, and operate with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

I am, like many others, concerned about the environment and have always done my best to protect it. Lately, I have realised that by far the best thing I can do is to bring to market as many of our energy-efficient units as possible.”

Izabella Lundberg, CEO, Airfi

Sustainable actions for the environment

Beyond environmental protection.

Airfi goes beyond environmental protection, focusing on long-term development, community responsibility, and a diverse workforce.

Long-term development.

As a relatively young company we are embrace the opportunity to integrate sustainability into our core operations from the beginning, ensuring a future-proof and environmentally conscious foundation.g a future-proof and environmentally conscious foundation.

Partnering for sustainability.

We collaborate with suppliers, logistics companies, and other partners to reduce environmental impact and promote social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Everyday actions

Multicultural organization.

We are a multicultural organization. Equality is realized in our company in such a way that everyone has the same opportunities to progress and develop.

Recycle everything.

We sort and recycle all waste generated from our operations.

Eco-friendly by design

Minimized environmental impact

We consider the environmental impact at every stage, from design and manufacturing to materials and longevity.

Design for long lifespan

Units are built to last, minimizing waste and resource consumption far into future.


Easy maintenance, and part replacements extend lifespan, reducing replacement needs.

Responsible materials

Recycled and recyclable materials are used whenever possible, with 100% recyclable metal and eco-friendly coatings.

Optimized packaging

Unit packaging is designed for optimized pallet transportation, eliminating wasted space.

Minimized manufacturing waste

Through thoughtful design and responsible practices, our manufacturing process generates minimal waste.

The community

In addition to looking after the planet, we believe it is important to also look after the local community. That is why we are proud sponsors of InterAction, an initiative by a local football team, FC Inter Turku. The aim of the initiative is to support juniors and their families, and make sure everyone in the community has an access to the sport through financial support as well as bring families together in a meaningful way.

Not all of our initiatives are carefully planned. When there is a crisis in the local community or on the other side of Europe, our first instinct has always been to help out. It is part of our culture – or really, we believe it is a part of being a human.

More than pure air