EN AirfiEN Frost Pro System

Airfi Frost Pro System

Welcome to the A+ energy efficiency generation.

With the AFPS technology we achieve a A+ thermal efficiency in our Model 60, 100 & 150 ventilation units.

Airfi Frost Pro System (AFPS) is installed on all ventilation units made by Airfi Oy as standard. AFPS is a self-learning anti-frost protection which guarantees excellent performance during cold-weather periods.

Airfi Frost Pro System is a Finnish invention, where the heat exchanger is defrosted only when there is a need for it. This way the heat exchanger works during long cold-weather periods.

To defrost the heat exchanger we take the energy from the exhaust air. This way the energy from the air heaters is used in the apartment.

The defrosting is only run for the optimal time it is needed, this way we save energy compared to older solutions. The self-learning capabilities make it possible to take the individual characteristics of the ventilation unit into account, for example, how dirty the filters are. Save energy by choosing a ventilation unit from Airfi Oy.

Airfi Frost Pro System (AFPS) self-learning anti-frost protection is patent pending.

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