AirfiFrost Pro System

Airfi Frost Pro System

Welcome to a new era of A+ energy efficiency

With the AFPS technology, we achieve an A+ thermal efficiency rating in the Model 60, Model 100, Model 130, Model 150, Model 250 and Model 350 air handling units produced by Airfi Oy.

Airfi Frost Pro System (AFPS) is available as standard in all air handling units produced by Airfi Oy. The new Airfi Frost Pro System (AFPS) is a self learning frost protection system, allowing the air handling unit to optimize its performance and energy efficiency to operate as intended during the cold season!

Airfi Frost Pro System is a Finnish invention, where the heat exchanger is only defrosted when needed, ensuring that the heat exchanger operates properly even during long periods where the temperature drops below freezing.

The energy used to defrost the heat exchanger is scavanged from the exhaust air. This way, the energy provided by the heating element can be retained within the building rather than, for instance, heating the exhaust air with the pre-heating element.

The defrosting function is only used for the precise time required, which saves energy compared to older technologies. The self learning functionality used in the frost protection system takes individual characteristics of each air handling unit into account, such as filters and heat exchangers becoming dirty over time. You can save a meaningful amount of energy by choosing the energy efficient air handling units built by Airfi Oy.

Airfi Frost Pro System (AFPS) by Airfi Oy has been granted a patent.

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