Environmental thinking

We work with nature, not against.

Our products are developed to be long lasting and effective, this way our machines don’t end up at the landfill. If possible, we choose recyclable materials to use in our products. Our partners are carefully chosen so that the CO2 print is as small as possible – which means buying parts in Finland.

When working we try to consume as little plastics as possible. But plastics are everywhere, so we also recycle everything that we do use. The paper we use in our everyday life is environmentally friendly. When remodeling our office we chose to use second-hand furniture where possible, to lessen the strain on nature and we managed to do so without compromising on comfort and looks. In our mind, being environmentally cautious is the only alternative and we’re always looking for way to improve, please do challenge us to do more! On our social media we try to show you all the new ways we have found to lessen our impact on the environment.

Working at Airfi

We care about our workers health.

Our modern production facilities is based in Raisio, Finland. We’re a growing manufacturing company producing ventilation units and exhaust hoods. Growth means that we’re always looking to employ new talents for our youthful team. Our team is tight-knit with the common goal of developing Airfi. In addition, as mentioned above, we all share the same environmentally cautious mindset – welcome aboard!

Leave us an application. Earlier experience in the biz is beneficial.

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