Model 100

Model 100

Innovative air handling units

Airfi air handling units enable fresh and healthy indoor air. The new Airfi air handling units are designed for the demanding conditions of the North. Airfi units have enhanced dehumidification through the bottom of the unit to ensure efficient and energy-friendly operation during cold periods.

With the AFPS technology, the annual efficiency rating of Airfi Oy’s air handling units is A+.

Model 60, Model 100 and Model 130 air handling units are only 558 mm wide and they can be installed inside a cabinet. The unit’s height (490 mm) also enables the installation of a washing tower under the unit.


Humidity automation as standard

The most intelligent demand-controlled humidity automation on the market as standard

High living comfort

The energy-efficient and quiet unit is easy and effortless to use

Quick installation

Quick and easy installation on a ceiling mount bracket

Uniform heat

Intelligent cascade-controlled bypass damper that takes temperature variations into account

Condensate removal

The sloping inner bottom ensures efficient condensate removal

Building automation control systems

Connectivity to common home automation systems as standard

AFPS™ technology

The AFPS™ hoarfrost protection ensures continuous ventilation in your home

Unit controls

The unit can be controlled with a control panel or the Airfi App.


Model 100 (L) Electric101000217916044White
Model 100 (R) Electric101000117916043White


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