The installer’s choice: Why Airfi air handling units save you time and effort

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When installers hold competitions on who can install the most of your units in a day, you know you’re doing something right. That’s the Airfi experience. Airfi air handling units (AHUs) are designed with installers in mind, offering a streamlined model line-up, intuitive setup, and exceptional reliability that save you time, reduce hassle, and protect your reputation.

Simplified model selection with surprisingly extensive standard features

Choosing the right air handling unit shouldn’t be a time-consuming puzzle. Airfi’s simplified model line-up eliminates unnecessary options and decision fatigue, allowing you to focus on the actual installation. Our extensive standard features and simplified model line-up ensure you have the right unit for the job without wasting time on over-analysis.

Calculation programme for our air handling units. The programme gives you Airfi units’ technical specifications easily. To use the programme, you need Microsoft Excel.

Easy installation: get in, get out, get paid

From standardized mounting brackets to external connection boxes, every aspect of Airfi AHUs is designed for speedy installation. Our units feature intuitive setup procedures that minimize guesswork and reduce the risk of errors. This translates into faster project completion times, increased efficiency, and higher profitability.

air handling unit click ceiling bracket

Click! ceiling bracket for our AHU’s:

  • Available in both 160/160 and 160/125 sizes
  • One bracket fits all small AHUs (except Model 150)
  • Visual confirmation for successful installation
  • Easy to remove AHU from bracket, if needed
  • 160–125 reduction is made with the bracket, no need for ordering different AHU
  • Makes painting and tiling walls easier
  • No need to protect the unit under construction work

Minimal maintenance, long lifespan

Airfi’s commitment to reliability goes beyond just energy efficiency and occupant comfort. We understand that protecting your reputation is paramount. That’s why our AHUs are built to last, withstanding the rigors of everyday use. Software updates and part replacements are designed to be simple and straightforward, minimizing the time needed for maintenance.

Experience the Airfi Difference

With Airfi AHUs, you can streamline your installation process, reduce labour costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our commitment to installer-friendly design and exceptional reliability makes Airfi the clear choice for professionals who demand the best.

Meet us at Nordbygg 2024

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We look forward to presenting our products at Nordbygg! Come and meet us at stand A22:39.

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