Airfi grants a 2-year standard warranty + 4-year additional warranty for air handling units manufactured after 1.3.2024!

Warranty terms and conditions

2-year standard warranty

Airfi Oy AB (Manufacturer) grants a two-year (2) standard warranty to the purchaser of Airfi air handling units, starting from March 1, 2024.

4-year additional warranty

The Manufacturer further grants an additional warranty of four (4) years as of the end of the warranty period of two (2) years defined above to the following parts of its air handling units.

The additional warranty covers the following parts:

Extended warranty terms include:

Order the original Airfi filters

Web shop at In case the original filters have been bought elsewhere the copy of the receipt has to be submitted to proof the originality of the filters.

Additional warranty does not cover:

Changes of spare parts shall be done by the accredited service provider or by the Manufacturer during the basic and the additional warranty periods.

Service Partners

These Warranty Terms and Conditions do not restrict any rights of consumers as per the applicable consumer protection law in cases the purchaser is a consumer.

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