Airfi appoints new country manager to lead expansion into Poland

Airfi, a Finnish company specializing in sustainable air handling solutions, has announced the appointment of Gosia Makowska as their new Country Manager for Poland. Makowska, who brings a wealth of experience in sustainable business development and climate change advocacy, is poised to lead Airfi’s expansion into the Polish market.

Gosia Makowska brings passion for sustainability and clean air solutions to drive Airfi’s growth in Polish market.

Makowska expressed her excitement for the opportunity to lead Airfi’s expansion into Poland during a recent interview.

“Airfi’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and responsibility deeply aligns with my personal values. The company’s commitment to providing energy efficient clean air solutions directly ties into my passion for fighting climate change.”

Makowska is eager to introduce Airfi’s solutions to Poland:

“The opportunity to represent Airfi in Poland excites me because I see tremendous potential to introduce innovative air handling solutions to a market that is increasingly aware of environmental challenges and struggles with air pollution.”

Makowska’s appointment comes at a time when Poland is witnessing a growing awareness of air quality issues and a demand for sustainable solutions. Airfi’s focus on energy-efficient, clean air technologies positions the company to address these concerns effectively.

“Airfi’s commitment to sustainability will resonate strongly with Polish clients who are increasingly prioritizing environmentally friendly solutions. With the growing awareness of the impact of air pollution and climate change, there is a clear demand for sustainable products that can contribute to healthier living environments.”

Makowska is optimistic about the potential impact of sustainable air handling practices in Poland:

“Sustainable air handling practices can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings in Poland by enhancing energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality.”

With her passion for sustainability, knowledge of the Polish market, and alignment with Airfi’s values, Gosia Makowska is well-equipped to lead the company’s expansion efforts in Poland.

“I plan to integrate Airfi’s values by prioritizing transparency, collaboration, and education. By clearly communicating our innovative solutions and demonstrating their tangible benefits for clients, I aim to build trust-based relationships. Promoting responsible practices will be key, ensuring that our clients understand how Airfi’s products can help them meet their sustainability goals.”

Airfi is confident that Makowska’s leadership will foster strong partnerships within the Polish building industry, drive the adoption of sustainable air handling solutions, and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for Poland.

Welcome aboard Gosia!

Airfi Oy at Nordbygg 2024

We are excited to be participating in Nordbygg, the leading trade fair for the construction and property industry in the Nordic region, taking place in Stockholm from April 23-26, 2024. At the fair, we will be showcasing our innovative air handling solutions that make homes and buildings more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in – even in the harshest winter conditions.

Airfi is a Finnish forerunner in the air handling industry, with expertise in in-house technical product development and AI-based technology. Our operations are founded on innovation, operational reliability tested in the extreme conditions of the Nordic climate, and ease of installation.

Come meet us at stand A22:39

At the fair, you will have the opportunity to learn more about our technology and hear why we have quickly achieved a market share of over 10% in the Finnish market. And how our products are developed with the specific needs of archtitects, builders and installers in mind, in close collaboration with them.

Airfi’s technology saves money and the environment

We have developed a machine learning-based technology that adapts to the unique conditions of each installation and always ensures the most optimal operation and excellent energy efficiency – even in extreme Nordic conditions.

Airfi Frost Pro System

At the core of our operations is our patented AFPS anti-frost technology that utilizes artificial intelligence. AFPS maximizes energy efficiency, protects the unit, and ensures a consistent and comfortable airflow even in harsh winter conditions. With Airfi, preheating is unnecessary, which saves energy every day.

Energy-efficient Model series air handling units with heat recovery

At the fair, we will be presenting three different models: Model 100, Model 150 and Model 350. Visit our stand to learn more about them and why they are so popular in Finland. By the way, AFPS comes as standard in all our Model series units.

Exhaust hoods – Proven to be the most efficient fume removal on the market

Our exhaust hood selection covers classic and design models for almost all needs. The development of the hoods has focused on efficient fume removal as well as ease and speed of installation. At the fair, we will be presenting the models popular in Finland: Suvi control hood and Ida central hood.

Suvi control hood

  • Pull-out control hood integrated in a cabinet.
  • Designed to control not only the smoke removal system, but also the individual air handling unit or the roof ventilator.
  • Suitable for controlling air handling units of many brands

Ida central hood

  • Freely positionable wall model
  • Capacitive switches integrated in the front panel
  • Designed for centralised air handling systems
  • Designed to make control and measurement easy and effortless.

Airfi’s representation at Nordbygg

Fair visitors will have a unique opportunity to visit our stand and discuss our product range and innovative solutions directly with our experts. Our R&D expert will also be present to answer your questions about our patented AFPS technology.

We look forward to presenting our products at Nordbygg! Come and meet us at stand A22:39.

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