Airfi appoints new country manager to lead expansion into Poland

Airfi, a Finnish company specializing in sustainable air handling solutions, has announced the appointment of Gosia Makowska as their new Country Manager for Poland. Makowska, who brings a wealth of experience in sustainable business development and climate change advocacy, is poised to lead Airfi’s expansion into the Polish market.

Gosia Makowska brings passion for sustainability and clean air solutions to drive Airfi’s growth in Polish market.

Makowska expressed her excitement for the opportunity to lead Airfi’s expansion into Poland during a recent interview.

“Airfi’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and responsibility deeply aligns with my personal values. The company’s commitment to providing energy efficient clean air solutions directly ties into my passion for fighting climate change.”

Makowska is eager to introduce Airfi’s solutions to Poland:

“The opportunity to represent Airfi in Poland excites me because I see tremendous potential to introduce innovative air handling solutions to a market that is increasingly aware of environmental challenges and struggles with air pollution.”

Makowska’s appointment comes at a time when Poland is witnessing a growing awareness of air quality issues and a demand for sustainable solutions. Airfi’s focus on energy-efficient, clean air technologies positions the company to address these concerns effectively.

“Airfi’s commitment to sustainability will resonate strongly with Polish clients who are increasingly prioritizing environmentally friendly solutions. With the growing awareness of the impact of air pollution and climate change, there is a clear demand for sustainable products that can contribute to healthier living environments.”

Makowska is optimistic about the potential impact of sustainable air handling practices in Poland:

“Sustainable air handling practices can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of buildings in Poland by enhancing energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality.”

With her passion for sustainability, knowledge of the Polish market, and alignment with Airfi’s values, Gosia Makowska is well-equipped to lead the company’s expansion efforts in Poland.

“I plan to integrate Airfi’s values by prioritizing transparency, collaboration, and education. By clearly communicating our innovative solutions and demonstrating their tangible benefits for clients, I aim to build trust-based relationships. Promoting responsible practices will be key, ensuring that our clients understand how Airfi’s products can help them meet their sustainability goals.”

Airfi is confident that Makowska’s leadership will foster strong partnerships within the Polish building industry, drive the adoption of sustainable air handling solutions, and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for Poland.

Welcome aboard Gosia!

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