Veab CWK

Duct radiators for coolant

The CWK model equipped with a round duct connector uses water as coolant. The radiator is used to cool the ventilation air in air handling units. The CWK model can also be used to cool individual rooms or parts of a building. To control the room or supply air temperatures, the duct radiator is completed with controls, sensors, actuators, valves and anti-freeze control.

Technical specifications

  • 7 standard sizes
  • Hatch for inspection and cleaning
  • Stainless condensate drip tray
  • Enclosure class C according to EN 15727

Special features

The enclosure is made of AZ 185 galvanised aluminium steel sheet. The coil and its tubes and fittings are made of copper and the lamellas are made of aluminium.
The service hatch makes it easy to carry out inspections and cleaning.

Stainless condensate drip tray (EN 1.4301) and outlet pipe connection (G1⁄2″).
The duct connectors are equipped with rubber seals.


Duct radiator, VEAB type CWK, enclosure of galvanised aluminium steel sheet, AZ 185. The coil and the pipe connections and tubes are copper and the lamellas are aluminium. Stainless condensate drip tray. The duct radiator meets the requirements of enclosure class C.


CWK 250-3-2,5400000477916075Stainless
CWK 200-3-2,5400000467916074Stainless
CWK 160-3-2,5400000457916073Stainless


More than pure air