Pia central hood

Airfi Pia exhaust hoods are quick and easy to install on kitchen fixtures. We have designed this collection to be practical for both the installer and the end user. We have included many useful features in the hood. Each hood comes with a back cover strip. The Pia exhaust hood is suitable for cabinets of different depths.

The Pia collection has also been developed with the environment in mind – all our hoods are equipped with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights. The hoods have a timer to ensure that the booster valve is closed completely after each use.

The central hood is designed for centralised air handling systems. It is quick to install in cabinets of different depths. The hood is designed to make control and measurement easy and effortless. Performance values are measured with a pressure gauge without separate measuring hooks. From the same point, the desired normal air flow rate and the desired enhanced air flow rate can be measured.
The fire valve is removable behind the grease filter.

The product meets the airborne sound insulation requirements of the relevant building regulations. Measurement standards SFS-EN-ISO 10140-2 and ISO 717-1.

Technical specifications

  • LED lights, 2x3W 4000K
  • Width 500 or 600 mm
  • Type-approved fire valve
  • Fixed structure, with plug
  • Booster valve with mechanical timer (60 min)
  • Status signal on the valve position at low current
  • Back cover strip included in the delivery
  • Duct connector size 1 x 125 mm
  • Machine-washable metal grease filter




Airfi-Pia-Odour-extraction-EN13141-3-1.pdf 60800208K-pia-aaneneristysyksikolla-SA55-SA65-asennusohje_WEB.pdf 60800234rev8-pia-kerrostalokupu-SA54-SA64-asennusohje.pdf 60800207D-pia-kerrostalokupu-aanenv.yks_.-tehostuskupu-SA55-65-58-68-kayttoohje.pdf 60800233-pia-kerrostalokupu-käyttöohje.pdf
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