Safera Siro

Working together to reduce house fires in Europe

Did you know that preventing house fires can save around 50–80 lives a year? The kitchen stove is the biggest cause of home fires. The reason why the stove is at the top of the statistics is very human. It is easy to leave the stove on or unattended when it is hot. The main groups at risk of human error are students, people with memory loss and elderly people. It is important to prevent the risk of fire when designing homes for people at risk.

We have chosen the smartest stove guard on the market – Safera stove guard. The Safera stove guard meets the European stove guard standard EN50615 and can be easily integrated into the Airfi exhaust hoods. The intelligent stove guard ensures safe use automatically and discreetly. The stove guard senses dangerous situations in advance and cuts the power to the stove before the fire starts.

Safera-stove guard monitors:

  • Stove temperature
  • Stove power consumption
  • Presence of the user

Safera prevents stove fires:

  • Does not require any action from the user
  • Alerts only in case of imminent danger
  • Cuts off the power to the stove in dangerous situations
  • Does not interfere with cooking

Available only for Pia hoods.

More than pure air