Project Description

Suvi-central hood

Product description

Integrated telescopic kitchen hood designed for centralised ventilation systems. Designed with a stylish glass front-panel available in two colours, this is a great choice for stylish, modern, kitchens.

Easy and fast to install do cabinets of different depths. Measuring and control of airflow are designed to be easy.

Tekniset tiedot

  • LED-lights, 2 x 3400K
  • Available as 500 and 600 mm wide
  • Type approved fire restriction
  • Solid build, with electric plug
  • Booster flap with timer (30 – 120 min)
  • Kostetusnäppäimistö integroitu lasiin
  • Low-current output of flap position
  • Rear cover strip included
  • Air channel connection 1 x 125 mm
  • Machine washable metallic grease filter


Suvi-CF55w20 000 0217916017500White
Suvi-CF65w20 000 0227916018600White
Suvi-CF55s20 000 0237916019500Silver
Suvi-CF65s20 000 0247916020600Silver
Suvi-CF55b20 000 0337916029500Musta
Suvi-CF65b20 000 0347916030600Musta