Project Description

Suvi-control hood

Product description

Integrated telescopic kitchen hood designed for controlling ventilation units. Designed with a stylish glass frontpanel available in two colours, this is a great choice for stylish, modern, kitchens.

Technical specifications

  • LED-lights, 2 x 3400K
  • Available in 500 and 600 mm widths
  • Sliding, electrical socket
  • Controls 5-speed ventilation units
  • Booster flap with electronic timer (60min)
  • Touch-panel integrated with glass.
  • Boosted ventilation with flap opened (can be overridden)
  • Rear cover strip included
  • Air channel connection 1 x 125 mm
  • Machine washable metallic grease filter


Suvi-CF50w20 000 0257916021500Valkoinen
Suvi-CF60w20 000 0267916022600Valkoinen
Suvi-CF50s20 000 0277916023500Hopea
Suvi-CF60s20 000 0287916024600Hopea
Suvi-CF50b20 000 0317916027500Musta
Suvi-CF60b20 000 0327916028600Musta