Project Description

Pia-control hood


Our Pia-hoods are quickly installed into kitchen furniture with ease. We’ve designed this product line in regards of both the mechanic and the consumer. This means many good solutions to various problems, resulting in a great reliable product. With every Pia-hood there’s a eear cover strip included, meaning the hoods fit furniture of different depths.

Pia-productline is also an environmentally friendly choice. All our hoods have energy efficient and long lasting LED-lights. The mechanical timer ensures that the booster flap is fully closed after each use.

This hood is designed, in addition for removing cooking fumes, to control the ventilation unit in the home. This hood can control ventilation units from many different brands.

Technical specifications

  • LED-lights, 2x3W 3000K
  • Available as 500 and 600 mm wide
  • Malleina 4-nopeus ja 5-nopeus kuvut
  • Booster flap with mechanic timer (60min)
  • Boosted ventilation with flap opened (can be overridden)
  • Rear cover strip included
  • Air channel connection 1 x 125 mm
  • Machine washable metallic grease filter


ModelProduct codeLVI-numberWidthColour
Pia-SA50w20 000 0177916013500Valkoinen
Pia-SA60w20 000 0187916014600Valkoinen
Pia-SA59w20 000 0197916015500Valkoinen
Pia-SA69w20 000 0207916016600Valkoinen


  • User manuals

  • Product brochure

  • Piirtopohja