Software updates for ventilation units

To update your Airfi ventilation unit, begin by downloading the latest patch with the link above.

  1. Move the airfi-sw.bin file to a USB-drive formatted with FAT16 tai FAT32. NOTE! Make shure that the filename is airfi-sw.bin. Remove the USB-drive from the computer.
  2. Remove the ventilation unit’s frontpanel. Turn off the unit with the switch on the inside.
  3. Connect the USB-drive to the USB-port inside the ventilation unit. Turn on the unit with the switch.
  4. Wait for the confirmation by listening for the summer. When you’ve heard the summer make a beep you can remove the USB-drive.
  5. Close the frontpanel. The software is now updated.


Version 1.1 brings small improvements. We recommend that you always update your ventilation unit.

  • Bugfixes
  • Communication improvements

First release.

Older versions